What’s Collaborate


I’ve just learn the term “collaborate” recently from one of the lecturer that i attended his class. The term was very peculiarly interesting to me. From my standing point of view right now, the term refer’s to basicly doing something or activiry together between people or organization in a given timeframe with a common goal and the activity cannot be done alone.

One statement from my professor that really hit me. He said “if you really thing of it, everything in this world is collaborating with something”. Hm…. well after my brief introduction to the matter, i started to reallized that basicly, every thing is. From the making of the world we know today, starting with the big bang and so on, each particle are interacting with one another, thus collaborating and creating the cosmic clouds which was the birth place for the stars. Using their own gravity, this particle are joined together until a certain amount of mass and ended up forming a star. Each stars cannot stands on its own. Each star in the universe are effected by other star. The stars interacting forming up a galaxy. Some star have solar system which consist of  planets, planetoid, asteroid and interstellar matter. And from the interaction of these particle evantually creating living things ; plants, animal, and us  humans.

The humans, as a social being, are inevitably will interact with one another and with all their surrounding. We cannot deny this fact. For example, in a working environment, where you have to finish a certain project requiring a number of people. In order to get the job done, we have to work together (in other words : collaborating) with our colleague. Being able to collaborate is very crutial to the project.

What about collaboration in the domain of information system? i haven’t really had that much knowledge to answer this. there’s still much to learn!


2 Responses to “What’s Collaborate”

  1. From a different perspective, IMHO
    1. You’ve mention the word “interaction”, I think this word holds a very basic idea of how a product or by-product is created by things that interact with each other. Maybe it’s the ultimate “word”.
    2. Collaborate & Cooporate usually implied that the actors is fully aware of their contribution, and they can choose to cease from delivering that contribution. If they dont, they simply Interact. For example, in the case of universe, if those actors (stars, planets, asteroids, etc) is aware of their contribution, that is collaboration. But if they dont (i.e : they only interact with each other as a consequence of physical law), maybe it is safer to call it a “mere” interaction, a mere “cause and effect” arranged by God in form of physical law.

  2. 2 bisigi

    i agree with you on your first statement, but not fully on your second one. what’s phisical law? it’s just a form of our understanding about something we “see” in nature. it doesn’t really depics of how the nature really work. there a lot of natural phenomena that cannot be explained by our undestanding about nature. we can’t even measure what’s the mass of our solar system. Every particle, every atom have a contribution to their surrounding. How does people be aware or choose or think? isn’t a brain consist of particles just like they have on other things? from my understanding, when a brain thinks, there’s an interaction between neuron in our brain. who give’s the right for this neuron to start and stop to interact? us? really? the spirits/roh in us? what’s spirit/roh? 🙂

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