the first semester is almost over


ah……just can’t believe that its the end of the first semester. it seems that 4 month just too short.

well, i’ve learned many thing this first semester as a post grad information system student in itb.

first there’s  the ooa (object oriented analysis). been stuggling with the subject for sometimes now, and now i thing i’m starting to see the big picture. a lot of diagram use, though, which really picture the real world process into a logical process which can be derived into a program. starting with the use case diagram, picturing the use cases that will be included in the process, the class diagram picturing the classes that will be needed in the process, the sequence diagram, the activity diagram, and the collaboration diagram. (at least, after the class you can draw something).

second, theres the graph. to tell you the truth i haven’t got this digested entirely yet. still confuse in why should we use this? why can’t you use a simple array in you program. (really makes live very difficult).

third, the business process management. i thought when first studying business process “hey, i want to study programming and stuff, how come i’ve to study management”.  just got a new perspective in designing an application. there alot of thing that can make your program work the way you wanted if you know the the business process.
fourth, data mining and data warehouse. can’t say much about this subject yet. its a new teritory for me, cause i just hear the therm in this class. but i hope before the final exam i can get the big picture.


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